Live Daphnia live, fish food/ Algae control. Select your size

Live Daphnia live, fish food/ Algae control. Select your size
Live Daphnia live, fish food/ Algae control. Select your size

Live Daphnia live, fish food/ Algae control. Select your size

To our loyal customers our stocks have replenished humble apologies for the wait. In various sizes and quantities AND letterbox friendly for smaller orders.

Just choose your size and quantity. Quantities are estimated but we like to be sure, so you'll always get more!

Adaqua are proud to only sell Daphnia that are cultivated in a controlled. Environment, to ensure that they are 100% healthy and uncontaminated! We offer a range of Daphnia sizes in order to cater for various sizes of fish. They are a great food. Source for other aquatic life too, including creatures that live in natural, unfiltered wildlife ponds.

Our small Daphnia are a perfect size for most small fish varieties and. Even some small fry, whilst our extra-large Daphnia can be 5 mm or more in size. Offering a great food source for larger fish varieties. Or small parcels, which means that.

You should receive them in good order within 48 hours of being. We aim to despatch on Mondays and Thursdays. Please note that where larger sized Daphnia have been ordered. There will often be some newborn Daphnia present too..

Please be assured that our estimated quantity. Does not include these little ones. Daphnia magna are often referred to as "water fleas" but unlike their land-loving counterparts. They are not harmful to people or pets. They are tiny, almost transparent, fresh water.

Crustaceans, that are often found naturally in ponds, lakes and streams. Females will grow to around 5 mm in size, whilst males will only grow.

To around 2 mm in size. Their diet includes bacteria and tiny algae particles, meaning they. Can help to keep water clean and free from algae blooms. High in protein, vitamins and minerals, Daphnia are a fantastic source of aquatic food, supporting. The overall health, appearance and longevity of fish and other aquatic life. Being a live food, Daphnia also activate the instinct to hunt and can therefore provide. A more active, interesting and natural environment, especially for aquarium fish. Should you accidentally overfeed aquarium fish with Daphnia, they are also more likely to help. Keep the aquarium water healthy and clean, rather than to pollute it. Unlike many other types of fish food. It is also interesting to note that Daphnia are used worldwide in research studies that. Cover many topics, including water pollution, medicines and climate change. Vitamins A, B1 and B2.

Whilst sealed, store the pouch somewhere away from direct sunlight and between 4? Once opened, and left standing, the pouch can be stored at normal room temperature. Kept in a pouch, without receiving the continued care that they need, d. Aphnia will survive for 6 to 10 days, so for best results, release them as quickly as possible.

Ensuring that their water temperature has fully equalised before releasing them. This can be done by floating their pouch in the.

Aquarium or pond water where they are required. Further information, instructions and advice is available upon request.

Or through the addresses given in our paperwork post-sale. Please note that our websites are under construction and are not fully. Checked or operational yet, but they will be worth a visit soon.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch! To customers in the UK.
Live Daphnia live, fish food/ Algae control. Select your size

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